Making it Happen and Rocking Art ~ Mills Style

When Jay and I met 23 years ago, I was just starting my senior year of college. He would often come to visit me and I'd put him to work cutting paper for my Typography Class project and helping me run the press. I leaned on him TONS for his advice and artistic guidance since he was a Graphic Designer. Our interest in creating beautiful things together sprouted and flourished into creating a beautiful marriage, a beautiful family including Jay, Zoe, Isla, and myself and now, for our latest collaboration...this Etsy shop. I'm truly blessed!

I consider myself a "glass is ALWAYS half full" kind of woman and believe that women can do anything they want to or need to and we're hoping to instill that strength and positive self esteem into our 2 daughters. I'm forever an optimist and it was truly a long time before I realized that raising a family and me working at an office job weren't working for our family. So, throwing caution to the wind and trusting in each other, we venture out into the unknown...hoping that you'll love our ideas and the quality of the work you'll receive from us as much as we love making the designs for you.

We are based in New Jersey, where we live in the country and see (and smell) cows most days. The girls love to play with each other and their friends. Their activity of choice is Minecraft, playing with dolls, and riding bikes, but they get excited when I break out the watercolors and calligraphy pens and they are quite creative in their own rights. You'll see some of their stuff woven into our designs because this is truly a family affair!

So, please take a look around, favorite (and maybe even purchase) any of our items. Message us if you like (or don't like) something or if you'd like to see something specific in the future.


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